How Seniors Can Keep Their Nutrition Levels Healthy



Growing older, we may find we don’t have the energy we need to perform tasks that we love and enjoy. However, while it is natural for us to turn away from some activities and favor new ones, we should never become too tired to maintain a balanced diet.


Here are just a few ways seniors can maintain their nutrition and keep their bodies healthy.


Practice Good Oral Health

Having a nutritious diet can keep your teeth strong and your mouth clean, but did you know that it also works the other way around?


Practicing poor oral hygiene like having dentures that don’t fit comfortably or having loose and unhealthy teeth, can make everyday meals painful to eat and thus make you skip meals to avoid the discomfort.


Maintaining your teeth may seem like a chore at times, but having a healthy mouth can make your meal more enjoyable and increase your overall nutrition.


Always Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated may seem like one of the more obvious parts of maintaining your nutrition, but as our bodies get older our ability to detect imbalances and deficiencies, like a lack of water, starts to slowly fade. The experience of having a dry mouth or stronger thirst diminishes, which can lead you to become dangerously dehydrated without even realizing it.


Making a conscious effort to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day can provide a number of health benefits, including preventing headaches, kidney stones, and constipation.


Eat with Friends and Family

When we live on our own without any accountability, it can be easy to let certain habits slip. Unfortunately, seniors who live on their own and feel a lack of energy may not have the desire to cook and eat like they normally would, so they may forget to eat major meals over the course of their days.


To avoid this, be sure to set up lunch or dinner dates with friends and family. A social environment is perfect for enjoying a delicious meal with your loved ones and keeping your body healthy.


Consider Taking Supplements

The human body requires at least 30 different vitamins and nutrients that it cannot manufacture on its own every day to stay at its healthiest, which can be a lot to manage for even the most health-focused individuals.


Supplements are a great way to increase your intake of these vitamins and provide your body with the raw materials that it needs. Taking supplements alongside healthy meals will top up the missing nutrients, and as a bonus, they won’t make you feel any more full.


Taking supplements for nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium, and many others can boost your body’s performance and keep you feeling great for years to come.


As we get older, our bodies require more effort and attention if we want to maintain our health and activity levels, but following these steps can help keep your body fueled and protected against any illnesses or injuries. 


If you or a family member are interested in maintaining your health at a later age, give our healthcare experts a call at 800-783-7390 or visit us online and discover more great tips for senior living.

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How Our Different Lifestyle Options Can Work for Your Needs

As we grow older and our bodies age, we might find ourselves slowing down and less active than we once were. Millions of Americans face this reality every day, which is why Tealwood Senior Living is dedicated to helping seniors maintain their independence and keep activity levels up while providing them any medical support they might need.


Here are 8 different service styles that we offer to residents with different needs and wishes.


Independent Living

Looking to remain on your own but also live in a safe community surrounded by friendly neighbors? Our apartment complexes give you all the privacy you could desire, yet still offer  plenty of opportunities to learn, socialize, and have fun.


Independent Plus

Featuring the same benefits as Independent Living but with even more features and activities, this lifestyle package is designed for seniors looking to relax and enjoy all the fun and activities their community has to offer.


Assisted Living

For seniors who require daily assistance from time to time, whether it’s for laundry, cooking, or cleaning, our compassionate staff is more than willing to pop by with a smile on their faces. Independence is a wonderful thing, and we want to help you maintain it however we can.


Care Suites

Providing a care program that fits the needs of each patient is something we strive for, which is why our care suites are located near all important services and have 24-hour staffing and care.


Memory Care and Enhanced Services

Having a strong community is one of the best ways to support those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, and our experts and caregivers know how to provide the support that the residents need. Further, we can also educate family members with the skills and knowledge to take part in treatment.


Long-Term Care

If you’re starting to find that some of your favorite activities are becoming more challenging or illness is taking more energy out of you than before, then our long-term care communities may be the perfect option for maintaining your health. Our staff can handle all of your medical and rehabilitation needs.


Transitional/Post-Acute Care

Families and individuals come to our care communities for a number of short-term reasons, be it from an accident, surgery, or illness. Our staff will do whatever it takes to help you heal quickly and comfortably, and can provide a number of therapy treatments to get you back on your feet.


Whether you’re planning for a short stay out of the hospital, moving to a new apartment building to feel more secure, or in need of specific medical attention, our experts and professional caregivers will help you adapt to your new surroundings and create a treatment and living plan that can fit your lifestyle.


If you or a family member are in need of additional help or would just like to be in a more social and compassionate environment, give our caregivers a call today at 800-783-7390 or visit us online and see which of our lifestyle options is right for you.

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